A chair is a head
A thing you sit on
It can be turned upside down so it’s legs are in the air.

A chair is a place
A place of category
A category of place

A chair is a word, but what is a word
if meaning is only a feeling

by feeling I mean things like sight and sound and smell etc.
but also the meaning of blood, heart, cells, rhythm, feet, mouth etc.

inside and outside
wherever those places are

A chair                                                                         inside
A chair                                                                         outside

But I’ve gotten away
And I haven’t

What was I saying? Oh yes

A word is a feeling
No, sorry, I have a very bad memory.
Sometimes I think I might be a little dumb.

A chair is a feeling
In my mouth
Like your tongue


When words lean they become foreign.
Bent, slanted,

trembling at a topple

means flesh (in French)                                                      Flesh is a feeling

Flesh is a chair
A category of place
A place of category

Its legs in the air
Flesh can be turned upside down

Chair, share,

Cher chair
du département,

Your flesh is making us all very uncomfortable
Your flesh is making our skin crawl
Your flesh is making us crawl
and we’d prefer you to move your chair from your chair
and get your legs in the air
and topple.


Lily Robert-Foley

For Heta Rundgren, who spoke on chairs during her keychain speech at Feminist Readings #3

May 26, 2017

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