The Feminist Readings Network provides a translingual space to explore the question of reading with feminist and queer thought, art and pedagogy.
Le réseau lectures féministes est un espace translingue pour explorer la question de la lecture avec la pensée, l’art ou la pédagogie féministe et queer(e).

We believe that academic (but also activist, artistic and other everyday spaces that we each of us inhabit) can aspire to be more open to linguistic difference and various kinds of expression. Besides translation we need an open attitude toward the languages and expressions of ourselves as others. For us, the space in between is where reading happens: what we do not immediately understand we need time and space to re-read together.

Pour nous, la lecture se situerait dans un espace ‘entre’ – là où on ne comprend pas tout de suite, là où on a besoin de temps et d’espace pour lire et relire ensemble. On veut plutôt poser des questions et prolonger le moment de lecture que répondre, “intégrer nous-mêmes comme autres” dans ce qu’on croit déjà savoir lire.

A transnational and plurilingual initiative, this project is for and with feminist colleagues all over the world.

On est à la recherche des pratiques transnationales et plurilingues.

We welcome you to join; we would especially like to join our forces with people who practice different reading habits or read in completely different geographical or linguistic spaces. If you wish to organise a happening in your university, bar, art space, etc. anywhere in the world, please let us know about your idea, and we’ll put you in touch with the people who have contributed to earlier happenings, and do our best to help you along the process.

…lectrice, lecteur, tu es la bienvenue à nous joindre.

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