Heta Rundgren

For Heta / Pour Heta, feminististen luentojen verkkO

gives courage to play with trans-inter-plurilingualism / comment l’appeler ? elle n’est pas sûre / in her écrits and performance

a space to read and reflect on her privileges as a blondi / uncomfortably white / she had funding to write this from a Finnish foundation of a Finnish family company dedicated to “moving people smoothly, safely, comfortably, and without waiting in and between buildings”. Yes, they make lifts and escalators. Yes, they support research and art.

Her current project has got to do with sexual fluidity – fluidité sexuelle.

Elle aime reading too much or too little into sexist texts or situations.

Elle essaie de lire Gloria Anzaldúa, fascinée par her terms like las nepantleras or nos/otras.

Elle n’est neither täällä nor tuolla mais toisaalla.

She is haunted by the normâle and the old hag’s current.